Summer Retreat
June 9th – 13th

We are having our very own Summer Retreat from June 9th to the 13th! Our theme this year is Redeemed to Redeem. Our youth have the power to shape and redeem the culture around them. Why is that important, and how do we do that? That is what we will address this year at Summer Retreat as we work to make disciples that know, seek, and savor the Lord.

The vision of Redeemer’s Youth Ministry is firmly situated within the broader vision of Redeemer Church, which we summarize with three keywords: Renew, Relate, and Restore.  We trust God to renew our hearts and lives.  We gather together, relating to one another through fellowship and worship with our brothers and sisters.  We go into a broken world to accomplish the work of God’s kingdom, which will restore it.


We believe that the primary channel of spiritual development for students is the family. Thus, the greatest opportunity for our students to grow spiritually is to attend one of our many Regroups with their family.

In addition, our Youth Group offers students to gather together for a more age-focused time of fellowship and worship. 

Service & Outreach Events

Our youth ministry offers two special events for our students each month: a service event and an outreach event. We will gather for a community service opportunity on one of our Wednesday night Youth Regroup meetings each month. In addition, we will gather for an outreach event in addition to our Wednesday night meetings.


Our students are encouraged to meet in small groups with other students of the same gender and approximate age. These groups, which we are calling D-Groups, offer opportunities for our trained, background-checked youth leaders to help our students foster a deeper understanding of their relationship with God as it affects their everday life. This is comparable to Redeemer’s Gospel Coaching discipleship.

If you’d like more information about our Youth Ministry, please contact our Youth Minister, Hayden Lane at 405-343-7300 or