women's ministry

Our women’s ministry is rooted in our Gospel Communities. Learn more about our ReGroups here. Besides that we do have some yearly events for the women in our church. Any upcoming women’s events will be posted here. There is also a women’s bible study group that meets weekly, if you would like to get involved that way. Please contact Ashley Jones for more information. For more information about our women’s ministry email one of our pastors or the church at info@redeemerchurch.cc

As followers of Jesus, we are daughters of the most high King. But it’s hard to live in that reality. It’s hard to relate to and understand each other in the way that Jesus intended us to. But these truths are part of what we believe in our women’s ministry. We’re not a group of women who “have it all together.” Rather, we’re a group of women who are seeking to be encouraged just by being together as we navigate through the challenges of what it means to be women who follow God. 

For more information on our Women’s Ministry email us at info@redeemerchurch.cc