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The More Regroup

Every other Sunday at 5:30 PM
3105 Terrace Park Trail in Norman

The More Regroup is led by Kevin and Ashley Jones.

Contact Kevin or Ashley Jones

The Vine Regroup

Every other Sunday at 8:00 PM
1907 Vine Street in Norman

 The Vine Regroup is led by Paul and Taryn Kingery.

Contact Paul Kingery

Carriage Lane Regroup

Every other Tuesday at 6:15 PM
816 Carriage Lane in Norman

The Carriage Lane Regroup is led by Royce and Molly Floyd.

Contact Molly Floyd

Della Street Regroup

Every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM
3717 NW Della St in Norman

The Della Street Regroup is led by Jacob and Jenny LaBahn.

Contact Jacob LaBahn

Langley Regroup

2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
3008 Langley Drive in Norman

The Langley Regroup is led by Joe and Carrie Chlebanowski.

Contact Carrie Chlebanowski

The Refuge Regroup

Every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM
1912 Carmona Lakes Dr in Moore

The Refuge Regroup is led by Stephen and Amy Branch.

Contact Stephen Branch

Valley Meadow Regroup

Every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM
3204 Valley Meadow in Norman

The Eagle Cliff Regroup is led by Sam and Paige Stroud.

Contact Paige Stroud

Covenant Regroup

Every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM
2404 Deer Chase Dr. in Norman

Covenant Regroup is led by John and Shannon Irwin

Contact John Irwin

East/West Regroup

Every Monday at 6:00 PM

Rotates every week between 2011 Allenhurst St & 4114 Heritage Place Dr 

East & West Regroup is co-led by Micah and Mandy Jordan and Luke and Hannah Barnes.

Contact Micah Jordan