Giving Update

Why We Give

Tithing is the biblical principle of giving as an act of worship to God. When we give of our finances we declare our trust in Him and partner with Him to see all of life redeemed. We have seen God give abundantly in offering His Son as a free gift for our salvation, so we give back to Him freely in worship of him.

Moving to PCO Giving

Planning Center Online (PCO) is a platform that helps Redeemer Church care for everyone that steps through its doors. We have used a portion of what it offers to organize volunteers and check-in children for RedeemerKids.

PCO also offers a giving solution that is easier to use and cheaper to process your tithes and offerings. It also integrates well with our current processes and will help streamline what we do at Redeemer. Click the button below for more information about why we are making this move.

If you need to login to Cornerstone, our previous giving provider, you can click on the Cornerstone Login button below. From there you can login and cancel any recurring giving so you can move to PCO Giving.

Getting Started with PCO Giving

You can get started using PCO Giving by clicking the button below.